Services for Syndicators

WebGopher™ White Label

If you're a program syndicator that needs to get your shows, features, and segments to affilliates quickly and easily WebGopher has a unique solution you can call your own. We can create a branded version of WebGopher for you to offer to your clients for free.

Automatic Program Delivery
Your branded version of WebGopher will come pre-packaged with with all the Events necessary to automatically download, convert, and store your shows on their local network and automation systems - at no charge to your clients, ever. As a bonus they can use WebGopher to automate any other content they air from other sources with the purchase of a regular license.
Update All Your Affiliates at Once
As a WebGopher™ syndicator you control the Events your afilliates use to download your show segments. If you change servers, if you have an urgent update to a segment, we provide you with a web based control panel to set the new server, force updates and more. Just click, and within seconds every single affiliate using WebGopher to receive your programs will have the new download information, or grab the new porgram content - without them having to enter or change any configurations at all.
Weather Drops & Promos in Your Voices
Want a real leg up on the competition? With thirty minutes of studio work, one-time, by your air talent we can create short eight to ten second weather drops, updated every hour and automatically downloaded with your branded WebGopher to your affiliates speaking the current temperature, forecast, and ID's individually for each affiliate. We can even seamlessly add rotating commerical sponsor mentions in your voices to monetize the service, Now your show can sound completely local, with no extra effort or expense. Listen at left to some samples by the afternoon voice track announcer from an affiliate in Mississippi.